7 ways to increase Facebook likes without spending money on ads

We’re going to get a little more specific with practical ways of doing Facebook marketing for your fan page. So, today we’ll be chatting about 7 ways to increase Facebook likes without spending money on ads.

So, let’s just jump right into it.

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1.) Synchronize your all your digital real estate.

So, this includes your website, e-mail list, Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud, and other social platforms where you can share and feature a Facebook widget. This way if one account is more popular than other, you can use the larger traffic account to try and pump up your Facebook likes. 

When you place the widget on these pages, make sure to periodically give announcements that fans can follow you there. You might even consider special content, like Live Facebook sessions, that fans could look forward to by liking your Facebook page.

2.) Post regularly.

The Facebook algorithm favors active profiles, especially profiles that offer excellent content. Having a regular rhythm of content will give fans something to look forward to. Make sure that you’re not just spamming your fan’s newsfeed with random and irrelevant things, hoping to combat the algorithm. This actually won’t work to your favor. This brings me to my next point.

3.) Create content worth sharing.

Honestly, not everything we create on Facebook is worth sharing. Some might be worth a like, comment, share or nothing at all. And all of this is dependent on the content you post. Creating content “worth” sharing. A New York Times study shared that content worth sharing was usually something that was for learning, information and influence, helping something, showing a bit of the sharer’s personality, participating in the world, or lending support to issues and causes they care about.

7 ways to increase Facebook likes without spending money on ads

4.) Use a variety of content to keep your page interesting and engaging.

This includes mediums such as images, video and text. When you post text, like a quote, you might want to place it in an image. Facebook now has features where you can create colorful and bold text to standout in feeds. But if you want extra creative bonus points and grab attention, you can head over to to create quick graphics for your page.

5.) Share other people’s posts. When you can, ask if other pages can reciprocate the sharing as well.

Part of creating a variety of content on your page is also sharing other content that’s relevant for your fans. You don’t have to share more music. If you’re a children’s artist, you might share video or articles of toys from other Facebook pages. If you’re an alternative pop artist with tons of synth love in your music, and your style consists of heavy, colorful makeup and a punky fashion style, you might share fashion ideas that you love with your fans. The key to sharing content is to share content that is already performing well on another page. This way you’re riding the wave of content that you know already works.

If you happen to be sharing content of smaller businesses, DIY artists, or just Facebook pages with easy direct contact, you might request to have them share some of your content as well so you can build off each other’s traffic.

6.) Re-share content.

When we’re first starting out, or when we have limited engagement, sometimes we’ll post content that we believe is good, but isn’t getting the attention it deserves. That doesn’t mean you don’t ever share it again. You might actually want to consider sharing the content again. In fact, only 10% of your Facebook followers might actually see your posts anyway. This is attributed to a number of things, but large part of it is algorithm or timing. So, make sure to periodically re-share content you’ve already posted, particularly the ones that did well already.

7.) Regularly engage with your fans on the platform.

Fans want to hear from you! So, make sure to send a like or comment their way. This keeps them coming back because they feel connected with you.

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