here's what music road is all about

Reach your music career dreams.

The Music Road was founded by Krizel. She's a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur.  

After working a full-time corporate job as a digital marketing strategist, Krizel took a leap and decided to pursue what she loved: music and business.

She bridged her love for creativity and obsession for strategy to craft straight forward tools for DIY musicians and help them build full-time careers.  

Krizel has done the bulk of the research for you so you could focus on what you love the most: creating music and sharing it to the masses.  

After graduating with an MBA in Music Business from one of the top music colleges in the country, Berklee College of Music, Krizel became determined to provide the strongest resources.  

You'll find that resources are data-driven and academically researched, but explained in a very down-to-earth way so you can easily apply the strategies and grow your music career.