Stand Out and Grow Your Fanbase through Email

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about everyone’s favorite: email. Actually, it’s no one’s favorite. Email isn’t a glamorous subject. In fact, there are thousands of DIY musicians that don’t use it. So, why am I even talking about this? It’s because e-mail has a huge opportunity for DIY musicians, and it’s an opportunity DIY musicians are missing out on. But for those that actually use email strategies for their career, they are seeing profitable and sustainable careers because of it.

Let me explain by first taking a quick walk by memory lane.

Back in 2006, MySpace was the primary social media platform on the rise. Artists used it was a way to share their music, engage with fans and grow their fanbase. Over ten years later, MySpace ceases to exist in the same capacity. Now, there’s an ever growing number of social media platforms competing for users and attention.

However, before MySpace, there was e-mail, which continues to exist. Regardless of whatever social media platform that exists today, e-mail still remains to be one of the single most important digital forms of communication.

stay connected with fans through email

As a musician, this is especially true. If all your fans were on MySpace, how will you connect with them today if they’re no longer active in the platform? With e-mail, you’re still in contact with them and you are able to engage with them on an even more intimate level. People are usually more protective about giving their e-mail out. It’s much easier to follow or like a page. But to hand out an e-mail is like a direct line of communication that also says, “Yes, please connect with me directly.” They don’t want to get a bunch of spam from anybody, so collecting a fan’s e-mail is significant.

For this reason, and many others, email is increasingly valuable for your promotion strategy. E-mail has a lot of advantages, and it’s a necessary channel for you as an opportunist musician to maintain as you develop your career.

So, let’s go into those reasons why e-mail is valuable for your promotional strategies. And in these strategies, I’ll explain how this truly helps you stand out to your fans.

1.) With e-mail, you’ll be able to connect through a platform that’s universal for all your fans.

Not only that, it’s a platform that lasts. Believe it or not, it’s been around for 40 years and it’s here to stay. Engineer Ray Tomlinson is the person credited for it, sending the first e-mail back in 1971. There’s a little trivia for you. Investing in your email marketing strategies  is like investing in your marketing strategies for the future, because you’ll always have a place to connect with your fans personally. It truly is an evergreen strategy.

2.) Fans are more likely to buy from an e-mail than a social.

In a study by OptinMonster, they found that 66% of users made a purchase as a result of an e-mail sent, whereas only 20% of Facebook users made a purchase as a result of a post they had seen. In a study by Salesforce, they found that users are even 22% more likely to purchase via e-mail if they already saw an ad on Facebook.

So, what does this mean for you? This means that, number one, promoting on Facebook is only part of your marketing strategy. And number two, it reveals that users are more open to receiving those promotions in e-mail and actually open to responding to them. Keep in mind that you don’t just spam your fans with e-mails, you have to do all of this tastefully. After this podcast, I have something to help jumpstart that process for you. But before we get there, here are a few more reasons why e-mail is a powerful way for you to stand out as a musician.

3.) You can use e-mail marketing to plan a more profitable tour.

stay connected with fans through email

As I’ve mentioned earlier, email is a way to directly communicate with fans that have said, “yes, I want more.” It’s a perfect way to announce contests, promotions, share life, and tour dates.

For touring, email is used to make an effective tour plan. For example, let’s say you decide to give away a single that’s on your album. In exchange for the free single, you earn an e-mail. As the fan types in their e-mail, you can also ask for their zip code.

This is a very effective way of earning e-mails of fans that are interested in your music. Also, by collecting the zip codes, you can get a sense of where many of your fans are. This method not only helps you plan an effective, efficient and profitable tour, but this also gives you exposure while also earning the attention of a fan via e-mail. Win win!

These are just 3 reasons for leveraging your connection with a fan through email marketing. Email marketing has an ongoing list of pluses for you as a DIY musician. Here’s a rapid fire list of ways email marketing helps you stand out as a musician:

  1. Plan profitable tours.
  2. Ramp up album sales in pre-sales and launch.
  3. It builds fan loyalty and helps get more fans through word of mouth.
  4. Shares vital announcements immediately and directly to fans that adore you without having to compete with social newsfeed algorithms that constantly change.
  5. It builds buzz around crowdfunding campaigns and contests.

For more info on these points, make sure to download the worksheet freebie below. If you’re hoping to learn more and add to your music biz tool belt, this is an excellent way to continue learning. It has a more expanded overview on e-mail marketing, plus I include a little worksheet guide for you to work through so you can start experimenting with e-mail right away.


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